VirtualCons is proud to announce…

The kickoff of the new VC Music division with our first record,“La Thong” by Sisqo and JD PANTOJA!

Available now on all streaming platforms!

Check out the official music video below and on YouTube!


In the music business, perhaps the most dreamed about the position that fans and musicians alike fantasize over is being the lead singer in a group. Especially when you consider the massive accomplishments of icons like Beyonce Knowles, Justin Timberlake, and the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson, all former lead singers of legendary groups who went on to have stellar solo careers. Added to this super exclusive club of musical geniuses is Sisqo`, long time frontman of the multi-platinum group Dru Hilland a Grammy-nominated solo artist whose talent is so extraordinary, he towers as the perfect example of a true quadruple threat, excelling as a first class singer, dancer, songwriter, and actor. Born MarkAlthavean Andrews in a city synonymous with drugs and extreme violence Baltimore, Maryland, served as the rearing site for an artist who will undoubtedly go down in music history as one of the most talented and flamboyant all-around entertainers, past or present, to have ever picked up a microphone. Strong words maybe, but then again one need only look, listen or simply observe the six-pack having dancing machine in action to know that talent this amazing comes only so often. At a time when charismatic singers who can really sing and dance is a rarity, Sisqo` to the contrary shines as the consummate showman fearless in his pursuit to push the limits of creativity


Juan de Dios Pantoja is a Mexican urban music artist who, in a short time, has brought his music to millions of followers and has positioned himself as one of the new promises of the industry. JD recently became one of the new additions to the Universal Latino label, with whom he released his first single entitled “Error”, a song that has become extremely popular shortly after its release. Winner of the MTV MIAW 2021 (Lyp sync Master) awards and the LOS HEAT AWARDS, the Promesa 2021 Musical Artist award, his latest album TIEMPOS has millions of streams and the single “Santa Paloma” exceeds 40 million views. His last single with his wife Kimberly Loaiza 13.13 has more than 15 million views in just 2 weeks. He has collaborated and is preparing releases with the biggest artists of the urban genre for the next few months.As well as the upcoming release of the Re-imagined version for the global Latin market of the 20th anniversary of the“Thong song” Along with R&B and Hip Hop legend SISQO produced by multi-award winning producer Toy Selectah titled simply “La Thong” He has made a world tour, with sold-out tickets in all places, through Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Spain and has been doubly sold-out the same day at the famous Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City.